Tuesday, September 5, 2017

EHS: Meet the Speakers

Empowerment & Hope Summit is a conference that creates practical results with actionable steps.

Empowerment and Hope Summit is an action packed conference where participants implement what they learn on the spot. The speakers have been carefully selected to impart relevant knowledge into the participants. Director of Entrepreneurship, Dr. Denise Williams, Branch Manager, Wells Fargo, Mr. Richard S. Gospel, Founder, Success Connections, Neda Renee, and Founder, iCelebrateU365, Annetta Works-Salley will be speaking along the host of the summit, Bukola Oriola at the two day event.

The summit was launched earlier this year in February when Bukola Oriola, an entrepreneur of a decade and advocate in Anoka County decided to impart her 10 years business experience into individuals who want to start or build a business with their trials or passion.

As a survivor of human trafficking and domestic violence, she understands the challenges that survivors experience when trying to reintegrate back into the community for job skills. The summit is one way that Oriola is empowering fellow survivors with leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Recognizing the fact that it is not only survivors of violence that need leadership or entrepreneurial skills, Oriola opened the summit to everyone who is interested in starting or growing their businesses by providing them with millennial tools to operate in a competitive market.

Empowerment and Hope Summit is for Coaches, Bloggers, Writers, Entrepreneurs, Students, Educators, and Nonprofit Leaders & Advocates.

At the event you will learn how to:
  • Build your website on the spot
  • Build your landing pages with ease
  • Learn how to become a bestselling author
  • Create a vision board with six core areas
  • Learn how to get money for your business or nonprofit
  • Learn free tasks management tool for yourself & your team
  • Learn how to leverage YouTube & Facebook for your business
In addition to 20 websites and five landing pages built by participants in less than six months, six published books were recorded by participants of the event.

Save your spot today by registering for the summit via this link http://bit.ly/September2017EHS.