Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Check out Websites By EHS Participants

 Sawyerrs House LifestyleThe Empowerment and Hope Summit is a hands on conference that provides an opportunity for participants to take action before, during and after the summit.

The first summit is a testament to this goal as some of the participants built their websites before and after the event.Some have churned out more than one website while some others are developing the websites that that began to build as a result of the knowledge gained from the event.

Empowerment and Hope Summit is not your regular networking conference style event. It is one that empowers the participants to position themselves favorably for their desired employment or business, using the online medium. One main take away from the summit is building a website using the Blogger platform.

See images below for some of the websites built by participants and Bukola Oriola, the brain behind the Empowerment and Hope Summit. And, of course, the Empowerment and Hope Summit website, as you can see, is running on the Blogger platform.

Click the link below each image to go to the website.

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